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January 20, 2013
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:: AxO app :: Erick by Row-chan :: AxO app :: Erick by Row-chan
Hey this is for :iconalpha-x-omega: :heart: ;v;

I like to RP by notes, skype ir MSN ;v; <3
Don't be afraid to rp with me >//7//<

- Name: Erick Warszavsky
-- Grape, Kitty--
- Age: 19
- Gender: it's a trap!! Male
- Sexual Orientation: Bi
- Year: Sophomore
- Group: Omega
- Major: Music & Drama
- Song: -Bye guys, Hi ladies!- lol
- Quote: "U-uughhhh! That's so cool bro!"; "Stop barking like a dog!" ; " *sparkles*"
- Voice: DongWoon's !

-Status: forever alone Single
-Roomate: Raphael Holling

- Personality:

^ Self-confident: He believes he can do it! If it's a fight, a different sport, a challange or a bet, he tries his best thinking he can do it. (But if thinking is involved, he can get lazy D: )
^ Lively: He's always smiling and trying to cheer people around. He likes to act like a big brother even with elder people, he's a free happy boy who wanna have fun.
> Dramatic: He can do it for fun or just for the drama; he loves acting like a drama queen or a like a hungry puppy. It's funny, but can be annoying too.
v Hot Temper: All his energy of happiness can turn into angry when he's frustrated; We can say he's a little tsun, he can't control this part of his temper.
v Easily Impressed: He can get surprised really easy, even silly stuff can make he gasp and say "Damn that was awesome!" also, if someone lies with conviction, he'll believe and get amazed.

- History:With Russian father and Polish mother, Erick was born in Poland, and used to be a really troubling boy. With 8 years his parents needed to keep an eye on him, because he always fought at school, and didn't went well with his grades, he didn't want to study at all. He used to come back at house with lots of wounds.
His little sister came when he was 10, and she just changed his life; when he saw the little baby he felt like he should be a good and strong elder brother, and a good example to follow. After it he started to study more and even being lazy
sometimes, he showed as a happy and funny boy. He still fighting sometimes, but just for 'good causes', against the evil guys at the school.

His parents are famous at the pharmaceutical industry, and until his 15 he believed he'd follow them (because he liked chemistry), but this idea changed when he joined a dance group at school. At it, he fell in love with music, dancing and acting cool yeah really
He also tried different activities, like soccer and stuff, but in the end he was just better and had more fun doing some drama, or enjoying music, because it was all that made him happy.

His father got sad by his choice, but his little sis and mother supported him, and that just make he feel even more confident with it. He finished the school feeling excited to go to an university...but he didn't really know where to go.
One day, his little sister went to him with a letter in hands--An invitation of a nice university...~

- Likes:

Pocky ♥
Drums (doesn't know how to play) and Violins
Silly videos
Pop music
His little sister
Piercings and different earrings
Hard challanges and bets
Tickle attacks

- Dislikes:

Vibrant colors
Bad hair days
Rules because rawr
People who dislike his hair style
Thinking too much
Whoeves miss with his little sis
His buddies suffering

- Additional Info:
Has a big fear of high places, but enjoy lots of dangerous sports
is secretly a pony
Started violin lessons when he was 4, and it's something he really love to do
He never did drama classes before, but it was something he always enjoied
Since he does 2 classes, you may see him walking around while carrying lots of different papers
Sometimes he can't say his last name
Thinks his little sister is the cutest thing in the world; he may the second
Used to smoke when 13/14, that's why he dislikes it that much
"Gotta catch 'em all! *winks to pretty girls and boys*"
has a fat ego lol
If you're shorter, he may want to carry you
He can act pretty cool and manry, but he's just a big kid
His favorite pocky is the strawberry one, the chocolate one is just to mix coffee
He usually enjoys people cooking for him , but he always will try to help
He's not in love with his sister, he's just derp elder brother
His hair color is brown, but he already died it first when he was 10. He tried many colors before stick with purple.

That's basically about it, i guess ;v; He's a silly~
My first tme doing a boy like this , sorry for the anatomy :icongrossplz:

EDIT:: Now the pic is not THAT shitty, I guess i'm improving ;v;
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